Poetry by Sheila M Bell

Sheila is a gifted and published poet who's poems are sent to prisons and beyond.

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Blessed Assurance

The Bible has a wonderful way of giving us assurance when we need it. God's promises are full of assurance and when we take in these promises, we receive all the assurance and confidence through Christ the Giver.

Blessed Assurance

There are times I need assurance that I'm walking in the light,
That all the things I say and do are pleasing in God's sight.
How often I have faltered when life's hardships come my way,
Dwelling rather on my problems that the urgency to pray.
There is nothing too great or small to bring to God in prayer,
He is able to release me from the burdens that I bear.
'Come unto Me', the Lord has said, 'and I will give you rest',
In all your ways acknowledge Me for I know what is best.
Cast all your care upon Me for you know I care for you,
Let my Holy Spirit guide you to walk in pastures new.<
Don't be weighed down with anxious thoughts that take your strength away,
Be lifted up to heights of joy to bless you through the day.
My promises can never fail so you must prove them true
And as you stand upon them blessed assurance comes to you.

Sheila M. Bell

  Abridge Evangelical Free Church